How do you design a Journey?

Masa fellows choose Israel to jumpstart their personal and professional development.

We design the encounter with the Israeli landscape to maximize their ability to explore, experiment and thrive.

  • Yom haZikkaron Ceremony
  • Latrun
Masa’s annual ceremony for Yom haZikkaron – thousands of Masa fellows and partners gather to remember, mourn and honour.

We’re Masa Israel Journey’s Educational Design Unit.

We are great at designing experiences where young professionals grow.

Models and techniques from the fields of adult learning, educational design and career management fuel our work. Israel is our sandbox and leveraging its richness and complexity is our passion.

We serve the wider Masa community:

 Masa fellows, Masa programs’ staff, Masa alumni and our partners in the Jewish world.


We provide professional training, consult, and design experiences for young adults.


We work with Masa organizers to design unique, accurate experiences for Masa fellows in Israel.

Masa Fellow?

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Crafting a great journey requires a passion for exploration and a talent for design. We have both.

How do we design experiences
The young professional’s needs and goals are at the center. Their development is our goal. The space, people and conversations are our tools. We know how to tie it all together.
Our methodologies
The Masa community needed tools to boost their careers, discuss in depth the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, reflect on their experiences and much more. We developed content, methodologies, training modules and much more to help them.
Upcoming events and opportunities
We continuously provide professional development, peer learning groups, seminars, meetups, webinars and more opportunities for our community.

Our main priority is designing accurate, effective, transformative experiences for the Masa community.​

We also believe our expertise, our network, and the methodologies we develop can contribute to the success of the Jewish educational ecosystem.
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