Conflict in Context

Conflict in Context

An immersive program in Israel is an opportunity to drill down on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, within the context of the wider Israeli discourse. 

“Conflict in context” includes an extensive database of speakers and organizations that offer exposure to the many faces of the conflict, together with materials to have a value-oriented conversation on the topic.

The educational materials offer an alternative approach to one of the most complex issues of our time: it allows an authentic encounter between people and their values, before bringing to the conversation political and ideological opinions.

Partners who are interested in learning more about Conflict in Context are welcome to reach out to Michael Schwartz, Director of Educational R&D.

What does Conflict in Context include?

  • Value clarification as a platform for difficult conversation
  • A database of educational resources (organizations, speakers and sites)
  • Educational materials on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, drawn from multiple cultures
  • A guide for authentic encounters with the Israeli landscape


The Masa Educational Design Unit provides opportunities to the Masa participants community while they are in Israel.

Masa Olympic Games

  • 3/3/2019
  • N/A
In partnership with the Israeli Olympic Committee, a full day of sports, conversations and training with Olympic Israeli sportsmen and women. For Gap year fellows.

Bak-Book 04 – Encounters with Israeli wines and stories

  • 5/17/2019
  • N/A
Wine, ideas and society: a full-bodied engagment with Israeli society and culture in the most interesting wineries in Israel.
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