Networking Leadership

Networking Leadership

Developed by worldwide expert in Networking Leadership Allison Fine, the curriculum is an in-depth exposure to networking as an authentic part of our lives.

The curriculum’s approach to Networking is a critique towards the dry, shallow, utilitarian way we think about getting to know people who can serve us – and offer an innovative perspective on how to develop trust, authentic relationships and sustainable networks.

What does our curriculum in Networking Leadership include?

  • Understanding Social Networks
  • Building social capital and crafting social experiments
  • Matterness: how to turn passive stakeholders into active participants
  • Balancing online and onland


The Masa Educational Design Unit provides opportunities to the Masa participants community while they are in Israel.

Masa Olympic Games

  • 3/3/2019
  • N/A
In partnership with the Israeli Olympic Committee, a full day of sports, conversations and training with Olympic Israeli sportsmen and women. For Gap year fellows.

Bak-Book 04 – Encounters with Israeli wines and stories

  • 5/17/2019
  • N/A
Wine, ideas and society: a full-bodied engagment with Israeli society and culture in the most interesting wineries in Israel.
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