Yom haZikaron

Yom haZikaron

For the past ten years, Masa has been organizing one of the most respected and impactful english-speaking Yom haZikaron ceremonies in Israel and the Jewish world.

The same rationale which guides the design of the ceremony every year took shape of an in-depth educational unit with content and methodologies to discuss collective mourning and remembrance. The educational unit includes also a guide to shape impactful Yom haZikaron ceremonies in communities around the world.

Partners who are interested in joining our Yom haZikaron ceremony are welcome to reach out to Tamar Sorek, Director of Educational Impact. 

Partners who are interested in learning more about the Yom haZikaron educational unit are welcome to reach out to Michael Schwartz, Director of Educational R&D.

What does the Yom haZikaron educational unit include?

  • “For these things I weep” - Assembling the fragments to build a world
  • Curating Memories - How does a society remember?
  • Memory, Commemoration and Forgetting in the Jewish world
  • Suggested methods for shaping Yom haZikaron activities and ceremonies


The Masa Educational Design Unit provides opportunities to the Masa participants community while they are in Israel.

Masa Olympic Games

  • 3/3/2019
  • N/A
In partnership with the Israeli Olympic Committee, a full day of sports, conversations and training with Olympic Israeli sportsmen and women. For Gap year fellows.

Bak-Book 04 – Encounters with Israeli wines and stories

  • 5/17/2019
  • N/A
Wine, ideas and society: a full-bodied engagment with Israeli society and culture in the most interesting wineries in Israel.
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